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Don’t Miss Out On These Last-Minute Class Deals…


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Knife Skills 101
Sundays, Aug 14 & 21  |  6:30 – 9 p.m.
Was $60 –  SAVE 10%     NOW $54.00
This is a must for anyone serious about cooking. It’s the first class we recommend to our students! You’ll learn all about knives and how to choose the right one for you, as well as how to sharpen and store them and all the basic “cuts” known by all good cooks. (Bring your own knives or use ours.) (Snacks) HO

Asian Noodle Dishes ‘Pho’ You
Mon. Aug 15  |  6:30 – 9 p.m.
Was $60 –  SAVE 10%     NOW $54.00
Slurp and twirl your way into cooking Asian noodle dishes including a cultural, historical and product overview. Learn Chinese Chao Mein, Pad Thai, and Vietnamese Pho – you’ll get some hand-on action during the class, too. Grab your chopsticks (or your fork, for you newbies!) as we warm up to these Asian comfort foods! (Tasting) LHO

Authentic Homemade Italian Lasagna
(including the noodles!)

Tue. Aug 16  |  6:30 – 9 p.m.
Was $60 –  SAVE 10%     NOW $54.00
There’s more to lasagna than you think. Think layered “old-school style” with a hearty meat sauce and lots of cheese! You’ll explore it all as you make pasta dough from scratch, and learn Daniela’s family recipes-classic Bolognese sauce and a hearty Marinara sauce with fresh veggies. Plus, you’ll design your own personal-size lasagna to enjoy with a fresh Italian salad and homemade dressing at the end of class!  (Dinner) LHO

CookWell! Good-For-You Party Bites!
Wed, Aug 17  |  6:30 – 9 p.m.
Was $55 –  SAVE 20%     NOW $44.00
Let’s focus on appetizer recipes that are good for you as well as high in flavor, shall we? In this “cooking light” class, you’ll learn to create figure-friendly appetizers like Rock Star Roasted Garlic Shrimp, Tabouli with a Twist, Zesty Deviled Eggs, and Super Food Milkshake Shooters that will blow their socks off! (Tasting) D

(Sorry, but this deal is NOT retroactive.)


Six Things To Do If You Want To Be A Chef

In a continuation of ourSandy’s Sixblog series, Executive Chef Sandy DiGiovanni at The Culinary Center of Kansas City shares a bit of insight from her wealth of culinary knowledge…

toqueSo you love to cook and are thinking about a culinary career. What next? How do you prepare? What should you do to see if this is really the right path for you? Before you find the nearest culinary school and get enrolled, here are the first six things I think you should do…

  • Take a knife skills class.
    Once you can handle a knife with confidence in the kitchen, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. And you won’t feel completely comfortable in the kitchen until you do.  (We offer a great Knife Skills class at The Culinary Center – just sayin’.)
  • Get good knives.
    Once you learn to properly use a knife, it’s time to find your very own set. Don’t cheap out. Look around and find the right knives for you, and buy the best you can afford. They’re worth the investment.
  • Buy good shoes.
    Much like the good knives, quality shoes are vital if you want to be a chef. You’re going to spend a whole lot of time on your feet. Buy shoes with sturdy support – trust me, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Find a job in the industry.
    Get a job in the food world before you consider going to culinary school. It’s the ‘real world’, baby. You need to see what it’s really like before you decide to commit. Start by working on the line. It’s not glamorous. You’ll learn the politics of the kitchen. Can you handle it? Can you handle the crazy hours and work days? Learn if you love it. If you do, you may have what it takes to be a chef.
  • Experiment with foods.
    Experience different kinds of food – eating them and preparing them. Decide if there’s a particular niche you prefer. Maybe pastries are your love. Maybe a specific style of cuisine. You might even find that you don’t need culinary school to pursue your passion.
  • Find a mentor.
    Volunteer somewhere, take classes, talk to chefs at restaurants. Get to know foodies in your area, and introduce yourself. If you find someone who you respect and who does what you want to do, get to know them. Learn what you can from them.

Bottomline, you have to have a passion for food if you’re going to be a chef. It’s not an easy industry, but as with anything, if you love, it’s worth it. Good luck to you, future chefs!

Get Your PARTY On!

Join us this Friday (2/19) for
3rd Friday  LOCAL LIFE 
  in Downtown Overland Park  where we will be dishing out
a heaping helping of LOCAL.Local Life - Third Fridays in Downtown Overland ParkWe have a WING-DANG-DOODLE of a good time planned!
We have ordered BEAUTIFUL weather for it, so plan to stroll Downtown Overland Park between 5:00 and 8:30 p.m.

At The Culinary Center of Kansas City, you can enjoy the following FREE activities:  

    Wicket & Peg  (Kansas City, MO)
    (come early for a special tasting of Bourbon Brownies… uh that’s why I said)
    Queen of Hearts Wines – 5 varietals
    with live art demonstration by Nicole Emanuel 

    We completely redecorated our CCKC office, and it now doubles as the Eat.Food.Art Gallery. Check out our new digs and watch artist Nicole Emanuel with InterUrban ArtHouse at work, creating food-related art for our gallery!
    Chef Gary Hild
    As always, we’re offering 10% off classes by our featured LOCAL LIFE chef. Sign up that night at CCKC for any of Chef Gary Hild’s classes on our schedule and save 10% on registration.

Click here for details about the other fun things going on in Downtown Overland Park at Local Life!



FREE Knife Skills Class TODAY!

Here’s a special offer to ONLY our valued blog subscribers!  We have two seats in our Knife Skills II class today from 5:00-7:30. (See description below)   This offer is available to the first two callers to our Kitchen Shop (913-341-4455) when we open at noon today.  (Sorry we cannot accept emails or phone messages… only real live callers!  And also we can only allow one spot per caller.) 

Knife SkillsNow… if you don’t want to wait that long  or take a chance that you won’t be one of the first two callers, you could go online before that time and pay a discounted price of $40 to ensure your spot.  That’s a heck of a deal all on it’s own right?  

So what’s it gonna be? A great class at a deeply discounted class before noon today  … or a chance for a free class at noon!  You decide.   Get ready. Get Set. Go!

KNIFE SKILLS II – Advanced Knife Skills
Proper knife skills are the foundation for all cooking. When someone tells us they want to learn to cook, we immediately suggest that they take a couple of Knife Skills classes. It’s that important. If you would like to up your game in the knife skills area OR you would like to add to what you have learned in our popular Knife Skills I class, then this is the class for you! (NOTE: There is no pre-req required for this class.) You will learn to use a boning knife and a paring knife as Chef Richard McPeake teaches you the skillful and professional way of fabricating a whole chicken. We’ll produce Chicken Breast Supremes, Chicken Tenders, Semi-Boneless Chicken Thighs and Legs, and we’ll practice the art of roll cutting and tourney, a classic Fresh vegetable cut that many chefs still attempt to perfect! In addition, we’ll discuss various types of boning knives and their uses, sharpening, storage and other important information. This is a full “hands-on” class under the supervision and tutelage of one of the best, Chef Richard McPeake. (You may bring your own boning knife/knives to class, or you may use ours.) So what to do with all this chicken and vegetables you’ve masterfully cut during class, you say? Well, it would make sense that you would also learn how to make a proper chicken stock, now wouldn’t it? So, we’ll do that too! (Snacks) HO

Sun. 11/29/15 |  5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Regular pricing is $60, but we have DISCOUNTED TO $40.
If either seat is still available at noon, then it’s free to the first two callers at 913-341-4455.