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Summer Pro Series Added To Schedule!

January 6, 2017

Pro Series cookingWe added another session of our popular 9-Week Professional Culinary Arts Series I class series on the schedule at The Culinary Center of Kansas City on Mondays, beginning June 5.  Chef Richard McPeake will lead this ‘Cooking Fundamentals for the Serious Cook’ series.

Designed after a typical first year of chef training, this course will take your cooking skills to a new level.  You’ll don a white chef jacket & toque and learn more about the following in this class series:

CCKC Pro SeriesClass 1: KNIFE SKILLS 
In this first important class, you’ll learn how to identify and purchase knives, maintenance, the anatomy of a knife, shapes, how to hold and feel for balance and proper weight, storage principles, how to hone and sharpen, how to hold a knife properly, rocking and chopping, and the chef’s “claw.” You won’t just be introduced to your knives. You’ll receive serious hands-on experience as well as learn the basic “cuts” using a knife. A class that you can truly build upon.

Class 2: MEATS
Excellent chefs know that there are appropriate cooking methods for each cut of meat. The knowledge learned today will be applied to recipes you choose to cook for the rest of your life. Meat identification; preparation techniques; trimming; applications to cooking methods such as roasting, braising, marinating (with and without a vacuum seal); sautéing; grilling; quick cooking and pan searing.

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 3: SEAFOOD
We will cover the different styles of seafood and the cooking methods that pair with them. You’ll learn seafood identification, prepping and trimming for the various cooking methods, freshness testing, proper storage and much more. You’ll learn easy methods for ensuring freshness and for opening oysters and clams. We’ll learn as we create some fabulous seafood dishes.

Fundamentals of vegetable cookery including identification, prepping (an essential part of every vegetable dish) and cooking techniques. We’ll learn which vegetables are best for the various cooking methods such as sautéing, roasting, glazing, stewing and steaming. All vegetable cooking methods will be covered including blanching and shocking to preserve freshness and color. We’ll work together as we make tasting samples of some perfect vegetable preparations!

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 5: MOIST HEAT COOKING
This class will cover all aspects of moist heat cooking including such techniques as steaming, “en papillote” (in paper), poaching and braising. Once mastered, these methods are extremely easy to apply to various foods. You’ll learn which “proteins” are best for each of the methods, proper prepping, cooking and serving techniques. We’ll also learn “shallow poaching” and some simple sauce-making skills. 

This course will teach dry heat cooking techniques such as searing, roasting, broiling and grilling. We’ll learn about protein fibers and what happens to them during the various cooking methods. We’ll take a look at which proteins are best for the various cooking methods and we’ll explore some combination methods (such as searing then roasting) and why this works so well. Prepping, cooking, serving, carving, etc.

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 7: THE MOTHER SAUCES
It’s all about the art of sauce-making as we deconstruct the basic Mother Sauces of Tomato, Velouté, Bechamel, Espagnole and Hollandaise. Along with this knowledge comes preparation of thickening agents and stocks as well as how to use these preparations in dishes. You’ll learn in an intensive hands-on setting.

You know the Mother Sauces now so we’ll build upon that knowledge by teaching how to make some interesting and easy “small sauces.” We will learn to deglaze a pan using the drippings and/or wine to infuse flavors. Learn to make and use a beurre manie to finish and thicken your sauce or gravy. All these methods will be taught in a power-packed “hands-on” class.

Professional Culinary SeriesCLASS 9: FINAL DINNER COMPETITION
It’s the grand finale to our Professional Culinary Arts Program. Tonight we’ll practice what we’ve learned throughout the 8 weeks we’ve cooked together. The class will be divided into groups with each team challenged to create a dish that uses what you’ve learned. Not to worry, the instructor will be walking the room to give advice and assist. When you’ve placed your dish on the Grand Buffet you’ll have an opportunity to explain your cooking processes and get feedback from your colleagues and from the teacher himself.

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CCKC Gift Certificates – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

December 17, 2016

Talk about a Win-Win Christmas gift to give… what could be better than a Gift Certificate from The Culinary Center of Kansas City?!  Make your loved one happy with the gift PLUS they’re bound to practice their newfound culinary skills on YOU!  Or better yet, come to the class with him/her…


You can purchase CCKC Gift Certificates online, by phone or in our Kitchen Shop. If possible, stop by and get them in our shop, because we’ll include our class catalog and tie it up with a bow and tissue, and you won’t even have to wrap anything!

PLUS if you purchase $100+ in Gift Certificates in our Kitchen Shop, we’ll throw in our Culinary Center ‘Best Recipes’ Cookbook for FREE. (Keep it for yourself or add it to the gift – you decide. We won’t judge.)  

If you buy a Gift Certificate online or by phone, we can email you a gift certificate that you can print and gift OR we can send it to you or the lucky gift recipient by postal mail. Just let us know what you prefer!

The Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and are valid for 5 years from date of issue.  We’d love to see folks in our cooking classes using their gift Gift Certificates, but you have options there too. You can use them on purchases in our Kitchen Shop and in our Dinners on Demand™ freezers, as well as for cooking classes.

Give us call or shoot us an email if you have any questions about our Gift Certificates. We’d be happy to help. Or better yet, just stop by The Culinary Center and pick one up!


Where Are They Now? We Love To Hear…

October 7, 2016

We are a culinary arts center for the home chef here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City (as opposed to a traditional culinary school that offers a degree at the end of the coursework), but our students range from cooking neophytes to highly skilled home cooks who have spent their whole lives in the kitchen.  Some of our students come to class on a date or with friends, just looking for a fun night out. Others take their cooking very seriously and have a passion for it.

Junior Chefs Academy classesWe start our students young. From age 2+, we have classes for everyone! By the time students reach our Junior Chefs Academy classes for 9-14 year olds, some of these students are highly skilled cooks with a plan to make it their life’s work. We love being a part of this and watching them develop their skills.

Junior Chefs Academy classesWe love hearing the follow-ups on our students.  In fact, we recently had some parents come into The Culinary Center on a weekend for a “nostalgic tour” of the place. Their daughter, Victoria, had taken some kids’ cooking classes here and absolutely loved them. She is now in college studying Hospitality Management. While she loves to cook, she decided to follow the management aspect of the industry. Best of luck in your career, Victoria. We are happy to feel a part of shaping your interest in the field!

Junior Chefs Academy class

We also have a volunteer named Phil, a valuable member of our Volunteer Foodie Crew, who took our 9-week adult Pro Series course. The series loosely follows the curriculum of the first year of culinary school, and many people who are still deciding if this is what they want to do with their life take our course to dip their foot in the culinary waters without the high cost of committing to a full culinary program. In Phil’s case, he was smitten – he’s now enrolled in culinary school and working on his degree!

So, fill us in on what you’ve done with the time you spent at The Culinary Center! We love to hear updates.  Have you continued to prepare recipes you learned here? Did you meet someone who is now a good friend? Did you learn a technique that you have now mastered? Did you decide on a culinary career?  Let us know!

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Dog Days of Summer Cooking Class Deals

August 4, 2016

Dog Days of Summer DealsWe are in those late-summer, sweltering hot, rushing-around-before-school-begins, last days of the midwest summer. Hooray, right? (not)

Well, we at The Culinary Center of Kansas City decided to celebrate these hot, busy days with a sale!  Why not save on the last few seats we have remaining in the cooking classes this weekend that are listed below?  There’s a variety of classes, so there’s something for everyone – oh, and did I mention we have nice, cool air-conditioned kitchens to escape the summer temperature outside?!

Save 20% on the following classes, but sign up soon, those last few seats are bound to fill up soon!

CookWell: Let’s Get Fresh!
Cooking from the Farmers Market
Sat. 8/6/16  |  10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Was $55      NOW $44.00

Flavorful Weekend Nights: Couples Cook!
Experience Love in the Italian Kitchen

Sat. 8/6/16  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Was $75      NOW $60.00

Midwest BBQ Institute:
The Thrill of the Grill – Grilling 101

Sun. 8/7/16  |  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Was $80      NOW $64.00

Cooking for Life! The Vegan Kitchen

Sun. 8/7/16  |  4:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Was $60      NOW $48.00


(Sorry, but this deal is NOT retroactive.)


20% Savings on Weekend Classes

July 12, 2016

Save 20% on these Last-Minute Deals on Cooking Classes at The Culinary Center of Kansas City this weekend…

Last Minute Delicious DealCome on in where it’s cool this weekend and cash in on a hot 20%-off deal on the few remaining spots in our weekend classes listed below. We’re talkin’ 20% off of all of the following classes, but you better hurry –
This deal is only good ’til Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

Junior Chefs Academy: Tamalada Party
Fri. 7/15/16  |  10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Was $60   NOW $48.00

Artisanal Breadmaking:
Cape Seed Loaf and South African Picnic Bread

Sat. 7/16/16  |  10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Was $60   NOW $48.00

The Best Whole Grain Bread You’ll Ever Make
Sat. 7/16/16  |  10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Was $60   NOW $48.00

Flavorful Weekend Nights:
A Primer on Crab & Lobster

Sat. 7/16/16  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Was $82.50   NOW $66.00

Flavorful Weekend Nights:
Wine 101 with Certified Sommelier Brent Grider

Sat. 7/16/16  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Was $75   NOW $60.00

Healthy Cooking for the Athletic Lifestyle

Sun. 7/17/16  |  4:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Was $60   NOW $48.00


(Sorry, but this deal is NOT retroactive.)


Class-y Deals & News From Our Dean of Delish

May 12, 2016

Delia, our Dean of Deliciousness (aka Class Coordinator), has some inside info to share about summer cooking classes at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.

Last Minute Delicious DealFirst, there’s an awesome Last Minute Deal available right now for our ‘Asian Fusion: Filipino Cuisine with a Global Twist’ class on Wednesday, May 18, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.  Save 25% off the regular price of the class! But you MUST CALL during regular office hours and register over the phone to get the deal. Click here for more information about the current Last Minute Deal.

Second, the Dean of Delish has ADDED some classes to the summer schedule.  Check out:


Meet Mari Ruck, Diva of Dough!

February 18, 2016

The Culinary Center of Kansas City is fortunate to have some of the best and the brightest culinary  educators in the industry. Our instructors come with a wealth of knowledge and skill in the culinary arts, from all walks of life. We spotlight one of these gems each month,  giving you a peek into their world.

Next up – Mari Ruck, bread baker extraordinaire...

Mari RuckMari Ruck has been teaching great classes with us since we opened! She started cooking as a hobby in high school. In college, she studied accounting at Oregon State (but food was her passion). She studied abroad in France, and the cooking school she attended there has inspired a lifelong love of French food. She co-owned The Food Bin, a specialty food store, from 1983 to 2004. After college, bread baking took priority and led Mari to the Chef Program at Johnson County Community College, graduating in 1999.  Her passion for food continues to grow…

Who or what inspired you to become a chef/instructor?
A college exchange to France years ago… I didn’t know food could be so good.

What is your most indispensable cooking tool?
My knives.

Biggest pet peeve in the kitchen?
Got to have good lighting!

Who is your favorite chef?
Can I say me???  Ok then Peter Berley.

What was your worse experience in the kitchen?
Eating my mother’s cooking.

Join Mari for some of her great upcoming classes at The Culinary Center of Kansas City… don’t delay, seats are limited!

Sunday, March 20 – Cinnamon Rolls 101

Monday, April 25 – Handmade Ice Cream & Gelato

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