You Asked, We Added… More Classes to our Schedule!

January 14, 2017

We’re adding cooking classes to our schedule just as quickly as we can! Take a look at these latest additions…

Cooking Class - Viva MexicoCookWell:
Homestyle Mexican –
¡Viva Mexico!
, Feb 16  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Bring along an amigo and come to this fiesta! You’ll make some of Chef Sergio’s favorite fiesta dishes, and you’ll learn to identify and work with Mexican ingredients that can be found locally.

Paleo cooking classCookWell:
Practical Paleo
, Mar 6  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Healthy cooking expert Katie Newell will provide you with simple tools for preparing great Paleo dishes. Brining, vinaigrettes and pesto will become your friends as you learn to make Caveman Cooking practical, delicious and fun.

Cooking Class - Southwestern KitchenFlavorful Weekend Nights:
Chef Sergio’s Southwestern Kitchen
, Mar 10  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Southwestern cuisine is a unique balance of spices and simple ingredients to produce vibrant flavors, earthy aromas and memorable dishes. Chef Sergio takes the guesswork out of those ingredients used to create ‘Southwestern’ fare and teaches you to create some fabulous dishes.

Gluten-Free Cooking ClassCookWell:
Gluten-Free Made Easy Schmeasy
, Mar 27  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Don’t think you have to sacrifice flavor to live a gluten-free lifestyle! Instructor Katie Newell will arm you will flavor-filled recipes you can make (and your guests won’t even know they’re gluten-free unless you tell them).

Anti-Inflammation Cooking ClassCookWell:
Anti-Inflammation Cooking
, Apr 27  |  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Culinary instructor Katie Newell teaches people to improve their health by eating anti-inflammatory foods. Learn how ingredients can work together to fight inflammation. Make delicious food that will inflame your taste buds (with amazing flavors), but NOT your body.


Don’t forget to keep you eye on our Last-Minute Deals page at www.kcculinary.com.   We sometimes have a few open seats in upcoming classes and we offer you a special deal in order to get them filled!  Click here to see what is on ‘the deal’ right now.

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Livin’ It Up In Atlanta

January 13, 2017

Our Culinary Center of Kansas City ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben checked in today during her trip to Atlanta and #AmericasMart. She is there debuting the sale of our Kitchen Boa™, which we have licensed to Demdaco to produce and sell worldwide. (To read more about that, click here.)  She was treated to a fabulous dinner, and shared the details and pictures with us via text –

“Demdaco treated me to Parish, a restaurant in an uber-cool district in downtown Atlanta. Crispy cauliflower presents like sesame chicken. Tastes amazing. We tried almost all the small plates on the menu.  Grilled oysters.  Polenta bowl with winter veggies were a couple. Each dish was perfectly executed. Cheddar cheese ice cream for dessert. Say what?  Another called Coke and Peanuts.”

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Book Your Valentine’s Plans Today!

January 12, 2017

Show your Valentine your love @ CCKCValentine’s Day is coming, love birds!

We at The Culinary Center of Kansas City happen to believe in that old addage, The way to your love’s heart is through their stomach.  So we naturally feel it’s our responsibility to provide many ways for you to show your love. Work quickly, Romeo….  the clock is ticking.

The ultimate Valentine’s date is an experience at The Culinary Center. And we offer several options. But seats are filling quickly, so register today.  Any class would be fun, but we have some classes that really fit the bill when it comes to fun things to do with your ‘luvva’.

These will score really big points with your sweetie:

If you just can’t decide which class to pick, choose a Culinary Center gift certificate!  You can purchase online at your convenience, but if you have time, I suggest you stop by our Kitchen Shop in Downtown Overland Park to buy it. We tie the certificate with a class catalog and a bow, wrap it in tissue and a gift bag, and make you a Valentine hero. For an in-store purchase of $100+, we’ll throw in our CCKC ‘Best Recipes’ Cookbook also.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!


Headin’ to the Mart…

January 9, 2017

kitchen boaMany of you may have seen (and purchased!) one of our signature products here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City – the Kitchen Boa™.    This stylish reinvention of the classic kitchen towel innovates a fashionable alternative to the dish towel over the shoulder. 

Well, our product is heading off to the big time.  Our CCKC Main Dish Laura Laiben has licensed the Kitchen Boa™ product to Demdaco, a Kansas City company  that specializes in artist-driven gift and home décor products that lift the spirit and help people connect in meaningful ways. Clearly a perfect combination!

Pre-sales in September were impressive.  The line of 16 Kitchen Boa™ designs officially kicks off at Demdaco’s Showroom at the Atlanta Gift Mart next week, one of the three major gift shows in the U.S., next to Dallas and Las Vegas.

Our ‘Main Dish’  will be set up in the mocked-up kitchen in the Demdaco Showroom at the Americasmart Building at the Atlanta Gift Show for an artist demonstration of the Kitchen Boa™. She’ll also be doing a cooking demo there, as well as signing her cookbooks!  (She’ll be sending pictures and checking up to let us know how it’s going at the Gift Mart, so look for those next week!)  Whew… who would have guessed that our handmade Kitchen Boas™ would make the big time…

We will have a new batch of our original signature line of Kitchen Boa™, as well as an order of the 18 designs produced by Demdaco this week.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Kitchen Boa™ by Demdaco. We also have adorable strong magnetic hooks that are perfect for hanging the boa in your kitchen.  Interested in purchasing?  Stop by The Kitchen Shop at The Culinary Center in downtown Overland Park, or click here to shop online at our website.

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Summer Pro Series Added To Schedule!

January 6, 2017

Pro Series cookingWe added another session of our popular 9-Week Professional Culinary Arts Series I class series on the schedule at The Culinary Center of Kansas City on Mondays, beginning June 5.  Chef Richard McPeake will lead this ‘Cooking Fundamentals for the Serious Cook’ series.

Designed after a typical first year of chef training, this course will take your cooking skills to a new level.  You’ll don a white chef jacket & toque and learn more about the following in this class series:

CCKC Pro SeriesClass 1: KNIFE SKILLS 
In this first important class, you’ll learn how to identify and purchase knives, maintenance, the anatomy of a knife, shapes, how to hold and feel for balance and proper weight, storage principles, how to hone and sharpen, how to hold a knife properly, rocking and chopping, and the chef’s “claw.” You won’t just be introduced to your knives. You’ll receive serious hands-on experience as well as learn the basic “cuts” using a knife. A class that you can truly build upon.

Class 2: MEATS
Excellent chefs know that there are appropriate cooking methods for each cut of meat. The knowledge learned today will be applied to recipes you choose to cook for the rest of your life. Meat identification; preparation techniques; trimming; applications to cooking methods such as roasting, braising, marinating (with and without a vacuum seal); sautéing; grilling; quick cooking and pan searing.

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 3: SEAFOOD
We will cover the different styles of seafood and the cooking methods that pair with them. You’ll learn seafood identification, prepping and trimming for the various cooking methods, freshness testing, proper storage and much more. You’ll learn easy methods for ensuring freshness and for opening oysters and clams. We’ll learn as we create some fabulous seafood dishes.

Fundamentals of vegetable cookery including identification, prepping (an essential part of every vegetable dish) and cooking techniques. We’ll learn which vegetables are best for the various cooking methods such as sautéing, roasting, glazing, stewing and steaming. All vegetable cooking methods will be covered including blanching and shocking to preserve freshness and color. We’ll work together as we make tasting samples of some perfect vegetable preparations!

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 5: MOIST HEAT COOKING
This class will cover all aspects of moist heat cooking including such techniques as steaming, “en papillote” (in paper), poaching and braising. Once mastered, these methods are extremely easy to apply to various foods. You’ll learn which “proteins” are best for each of the methods, proper prepping, cooking and serving techniques. We’ll also learn “shallow poaching” and some simple sauce-making skills. 

This course will teach dry heat cooking techniques such as searing, roasting, broiling and grilling. We’ll learn about protein fibers and what happens to them during the various cooking methods. We’ll take a look at which proteins are best for the various cooking methods and we’ll explore some combination methods (such as searing then roasting) and why this works so well. Prepping, cooking, serving, carving, etc.

Professional Culinary SeriesClass 7: THE MOTHER SAUCES
It’s all about the art of sauce-making as we deconstruct the basic Mother Sauces of Tomato, Velouté, Bechamel, Espagnole and Hollandaise. Along with this knowledge comes preparation of thickening agents and stocks as well as how to use these preparations in dishes. You’ll learn in an intensive hands-on setting.

You know the Mother Sauces now so we’ll build upon that knowledge by teaching how to make some interesting and easy “small sauces.” We will learn to deglaze a pan using the drippings and/or wine to infuse flavors. Learn to make and use a beurre manie to finish and thicken your sauce or gravy. All these methods will be taught in a power-packed “hands-on” class.

Professional Culinary SeriesCLASS 9: FINAL DINNER COMPETITION
It’s the grand finale to our Professional Culinary Arts Program. Tonight we’ll practice what we’ve learned throughout the 8 weeks we’ve cooked together. The class will be divided into groups with each team challenged to create a dish that uses what you’ve learned. Not to worry, the instructor will be walking the room to give advice and assist. When you’ve placed your dish on the Grand Buffet you’ll have an opportunity to explain your cooking processes and get feedback from your colleagues and from the teacher himself.

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Happy To Celebrate The New Year As Part of CCKC Food Family

January 5, 2017

Along with a list of resolutions, I like to make a list of things I’m grateful for at the start of each year. If I begin the year by making a list of great things I’m happy with in my life, I can refer back to this list when the year presents challenges and keep in sight the positive things I have going.

High on my list of positives are the fabulous foodie friends that I have made while working at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.  I’m happy to say that these talented, friendly folks are just the same in real life as they seem when you meet them in our classes, events, Kitchen Shop or 3rd Friday LOCAL LIFE.  Our CCKC ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben has pulled together a group of people who are fun to be around and are passionate about creating an exceptional experience for our customers as they celebrate all things culinary. 

We are lucky to get the opportunity to take staff field trips and have occasional gatherings together to enjoy our group outside of our busy schedule.  In November, we enjoyed an evening out to celebrate our little culinary clan. We started at Boulevard Beer Hall for happy hour and went on to dinner at Westside Local.  Both good choices. Tasty beverages, delicious food and terrific company…. who could ask for more?

Cheers, everyone. I hope you have a long list of positives to start your year too!

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Don’t Miss Our First Saturday Morning Flash Demo™!

January 4, 2017

We debut our brand new cooking education class concept, Saturday Morning Flash Demos™, this Saturday, Jan 7.  They’re perfect for busy foodies & weekend kitchen warriors to learn to cook.

Learn to make pie like your GrannyPIE CRUST FOR DUMMIES
Our own CCKC “Main Dish” Laura Laiben
will dispel the myth that making pie crust is hard.
She’ll teach you in this Demonstration class
how to make it like your Granny.
(Apple pie à la Mode tastings all around!  Yum!) 
Sat. Jan 7, 11 a.m. – Noon
Come early for a Free Irish Coffee & “Foodie Talk”

Register in advance online ($25)
or walk in the morning of class ($30) 

Register NowSaturday Morning FLASH DEMOS™Each 1-hour “flash demo” class will focus on
one recipe, technique or ingredient, will include
tastings and recipes, and will be taught by
experienced cooking instructors
(a/k/a “Flash Demo Food Professors”).


#1  Pie Crust for Dummies
Chef Laura Laiben  |  Sat, Jan 7

#2  Laissez les Beignets Roulez! (Doughnuts!)
Chef Jason Provo  |  Sat, Jan 14

#3  Moroccan Mouthful: Chicken Tagine 
Chef Gary Hild  |  Sat, Jan 21

#4  Bad-Ass Street Tacos
Chef Raven Naramore  |  Sat, Jan 28

#5  French Crepes & Sexy Vanilla
Chef Charlie Hammond  |  Sat, Feb 4

#6  Saltimbocca
Chef Daniela Mancinelli Abel  |  Sat, Feb 11

… plus more dates to be added.
Visit our website for a current listing of Saturday Morning Flash Demos™.
Saturdays from 11 a.m. – Noon.

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