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From Junior Chef to Pastry Chef

During this summer season of graduations, we had the opportunity to catch up with one of our former Junior Chefs Academy™ (JCA) students, Kinsey.  The first class she attended at The Culinary Center of Kansas City (CCKC) for our age 9-14 JCA students was cake decorating, and she loved it!  Later she tried an Asian cooking class, but quickly realized her passion was pastry.

When asked what else fueled her desire to bake, Kinsey credited her grandmother, who is well known for creating THE best Banana Nut Bread.  Like many of us, Kinsey started out as a “helper” in the kitchen, learning best practices like making everything from scratch (of course). 

Kinsey’s classes at CCKC and time in her grandmother’s kitchen both sweetened her enthusiasm to pursue an education in the culinary arts, so she accelerated her course work in high school at Shawnee Mission West and graduated early at the age of 16.  After a trip to explore the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, she knew without a doubt that The Culinary Institute of Virginia was where she wanted to be.  Kinsey packed up the essentials with determination and drove 20 hours away from home.

With her degree in Baking & Pastry and a zest for cakes, Kinsey is now working at a local HyVee Bakery, gaining experience and dreaming of opening her own cake shop one day soon.  Kinsey enjoys both collaborating on team efforts and finding her ‘Zen place’ while immersed in a solo project, such as decorating a cake.  She thrives on the creative aspect of designing cakes, and is excited to start designing wedding cakes. 

Kinsey offers this advice to culinary arts students, “No matter how tough it may seem, stick with it.  It is so worth it!”

Thanks for checking in, Kinsey, and congratulations on your success!
In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you will go!”

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

The holiday spirit is in the air, and glitter is everywhere!

The Main Dish and the Chicana in Charge have been busy little decorating elves at The Culinary Center of Kansas City. Working with a Winter Wonderland theme, the front window glows with tints of whites and sparkly blues. Stroll by and check it out…

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Holiday Decorating

Getting Involved In What You Love To Do

Meet Max, another member of our awesome Volunteer Foodie Crew. Max has been volunteering with us for years, and we L-O-V-E having him here!

Volunteer Foodie Crew“I completed one of the first Pro Series classes here in March of 2008.  From that class I started to volunteer at the Culinary Center.  I have volunteered for many of the Pro Series classes, as well as BBQ classes, Sushi classes, Tamales classes, and many others.  Each time that I volunteer I feel that I learn something.  I get to work with the great staff at the Culinary Center and I get to meet many great people.  I enjoy cooking, and working as a volunteer is a great way to be involved in something that I like to do.”

Are you a foodie with an interest in being on our volunteer crew? Find out more details on website – click here!

Oops…. That Was Butter?

There are “learning experiences” that happen every day in our kitchens, right?  (Note that I didn’t say “mistakes”!)  And the real cook will use that opportunity to become a better cook.  Breathe.  It’s OKAY.  

So today, these fine ladies at one of our corporate interactive cooking parties were bummed to find out that it was NOT a hunk of cheese they crumbled onto their salad, but rather  it was, in fact, butter.   Oops…   (One can never have too much butter though, right?)

Oops, that was butter?

More Chatter From A Volunteer Foodie Crew Member

You seemed to love hearing from our volunteer Scott, so we’re following up in our Crumbs from the Floor blog segment with this post from Cheryl, another member of our Volunteer Foodie Crew!

Volunteer Cheryl“I volunteer because I love to cook. And I love to hang around people who cook. The Culinary Center of Kansas City  is a fun environment. The staff is friendly and fun, and lots of interesting people sign up for classes.

Every time I volunteer, I learn something new.  Here’s one useful tip I learned in a class where I volunteered, and I use it all the time:  Put the salt in your recipe onto your cutting board rather than in the recipe. It keeps the onions, etc. from sticking to your knife!”

For more details about our Volunteer Foodie Crew, click here.

Volunteer Foodie Crew

A Word From A Volunteer Foodie Crew Member…

Here are some thoughts from one of our Volunteer Foodie Crew members. They’re everyday food-lovin’ home cooks like you, and they help in our culinary classes.  So we’re reviving our ‘Crumbs from the Floor’ blog segment with this post from Volunteer Scott…

Volunteer Scott“I wanted to become a better and more knowledgeable cook, so I signed up for a “Pan Sauces” course at The Culinary Center of Kansas City last year, taught by Chef Richard McPeake.

I learned a lot in that class – I also learned that I didn’t know much at all about cooking technique.  My interest in learning more was stimulated, and I signed up for a few more classes (How to Make Gnocchi, taught by Chef Cody Hogan from Lidia’s restaurant in KC, then a Couples’ Cooking Class with my wife, taught by Chef Jim Tinkham).

After those experiences, I decided to volunteer at  The Culinary Center of Kansas City!  I get to work with other amazing Chefs from the KC area, learning their skills and secrets, and meeting and helping other interesting folks who have an interest in cooking.

Volunteer Food CrewVolunteering for classes has been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience and something that I always look forward to when I am scheduled.  It is a lot of work, but where else can one learn how to make a Citrus Semifreddo, Chocolate Bouchons, Bananas Foster or Creme Anglaise without going to culinary school?!”

For more details about our Volunteer Foodie Crew, click here.

It’s a Tough Job…

by Connie Miller (CCKC “House Mistress”), a peek into one of CCKC’s special events.

“Working at CCKC is absolute hell, I tell you.  At Cody’s tomato class today I got lobster stuck in my teeth after I tried the Heirloom Tomato Lobster salad.”