Book Your Valentine’s Plans Today!

Show your Valentine your love @ CCKCValentine’s Day is coming, love birds!

We at The Culinary Center of Kansas City happen to believe in that old addage, The way to your love’s heart is through their stomach.  So we naturally feel it’s our responsibility to provide many ways for you to show your love. Work quickly, Romeo….  the clock is ticking.

The ultimate Valentine’s date is an experience at The Culinary Center. And we offer several options. But seats are filling quickly, so register today.  Any class would be fun, but we have some classes that really fit the bill when it comes to fun things to do with your ‘luvva’.

These will score really big points with your sweetie:

If you just can’t decide which class to pick, choose a Culinary Center gift certificate!  You can purchase online at your convenience, but if you have time, I suggest you stop by our Kitchen Shop in Downtown Overland Park to buy it. We tie the certificate with a class catalog and a bow, wrap it in tissue and a gift bag, and make you a Valentine hero. For an in-store purchase of $100+, we’ll throw in our CCKC ‘Best Recipes’ Cookbook also.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!


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