An Evening of Chocolate & Wine Pairing

We have added a new class and a new instructor to our Culinary Center of Kansas City line-up!  We are happy to introduce you to Keri Lauderdale-Olson, who will be teaching a class on two of life’s finest culinary pleasures – chocolate & wine!

Keri Lauderdale-Olson

Keri Lauderdale-Olson

Flavorful Weekend Nights:
An Evening of Chocolate & Wine Pairing
Saturday, November 26, 2016
7.00 – 9:00 p.m.
Forrest’s Mom was right… “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates!” And if you take it one step further, pairing chocolate with wine transcends an ordinary life, for sure.  Let’s just say that chocolate and wine go together like Forrest and Jenny “go together like peas & carrots!”  Join us for a special 2-hour experience of one of life’s greatest treasures as a professional shows us how to pair wine with chocolate.  Keri Lauderdale Olson (Chocolate Cork) will teach us the proper techniques for tasting chocolate.  Yes there really IS such a thing.  Then we’ll take off on an adventure that involves perfectly paired wines with various fine chocolate types.  So “Run, Forrest, Run!’ to this unique class!
(Tasting)  Demonstration



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