Local Life in Review…

If you weren’t in Downtown Overland Park for Local Life last Friday, you missed a party, my friends.  The weather turned out to be great despite a rainy week all around it. There were lots of people walking the streets of Downtown OP, shopping, listening to music, sampling food & drinks, eating and enjoying the atmosphere of our creative community.

At The Culinary Center of Kansas City, we had local makers Dēz Nüts handing out samples of some new nut recipes they’re developing (delicious!), we sampled our Mexican Pozole soup and Bacon Jam from the Dinners on Demand freezers in The Kitchen Shop, Defiance Brewery, Writer’s Block Wines and Union Horse Distillery all gave out tastings of their drinks (tasty!), the legendary Joe Kieltyka of the original Stonewall Inn did a cooking demonstration making pizza and offered samples and recipes (wow!),  gypsy jazz trio Mire Pral performed a free concert and our chefs prepared Roasted Garlic & Savory Herb Cheesecakes served with crostini for purchase at the cash bar.  Our friend Andy was out front with some of his creations from wine barrels and Farmer Steven had a colorful display of vegetables along with information about CSAs and Just Natural Farms. This place was hoppin’!!

Lucky for you, if you did miss it, we celebrate Local Life on the Third Friday of each month, so you can join us Friday, June 17. Mark it in your calendar now, because you won’t want to miss the fun.

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