Shhh…. The Recipe Is A Secret!

Top Secret - RecipesWe could tell you the secret recipe from today’s lunch, but then we’d have to kill you…. 

Just kidding. No, it’s not that they’re super-secret recipes. It’s just that our chefs so often put things together on the fly, with a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of culinary know-how, that there’s often just no recipe to give!

Today is one of those days. Our classic picnic lunch menu, with Smokey BBQ Chicken, Backyard BBQ Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Mashers, Crispy Coleslaw and Ginger’s Creamy Trifle, is something they know like the back of their hands. We just have nothing to give…except an amazing summer lunch.  Sorry!  🙂


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