Try The Kitchen Boa® For Kitchen Fashion

June 12, 2015

How many times have you had a soggy, dirty towel on your shoulder? Or you just couldn’t find a towel when you needed one? No more! Wear one of our signature Kitchen Boa® (made and designed by US! ) and folks will know you’re the real deal in the kitchen.  Our own Mimsy Tallent, Event Planning Specialist here at the CCKC, models these beauties for you… and shows you how they are worn!

We received a new shipment of our Kitchen Boa recently, and you should see how colorful our Kitchen Shop is right now!  They are hanging EVERYWHERE!  There’s something for everyone and every style – even the manly chefs in your kitchen!.  These little beauties are not only stylish, but a handy item to have with you as you cook or grill.

At $18.95 +tax, buy one for yourself AND one as a gift. They’d make a great Fathers Day gift, hint hint.

Do you LOVE these things but aren’t able to make it into The Kitchen Shop to buy one? Give us a call at 913.341.4455, and we can help you purchase one over the phone and we’ll send it to you. Let us know if there’s a fabric or color in the pictures here that you want…

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“Kitchen Boa” is a registered trademark of The Culinary Center of Kansas City, L.C.

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