N’awlins Is Callin’ Your Name.. For Staff Lunch!

When Louisiana chefs make Jambalaya, they traditionally “sweep up the kitchen” and toss just about everything into the pot. It’s a rice dish with any combination of beef, pork, fowl, smoked sausage, ham, or seafood, as well as celery, green peppers and often tomatoes.

JambalayaCulinary Definition:

Jambalaya  (jum-bə-ly)
A creole cuisine hallmark, jambalaya is a versatile dish that combines cooked rice with a variety of ingredients including tomato, onions, green pepper and almost any kind of meat, poultry or shellfish…   It’s thought that the name derives from the French jambon, meaning ‘ham’, the main ingredient in many of the first jambalayas.

Information from:
Food Lover’s Companion (available in The Kitchen Shop @ CCKC)


Join us for a Bead Throwin’ Staff Lunch Menu on Tuesday, February 3 at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.
You’ll enjoy:


Southern Jambalaya with Shrimp, Sausage, Vegetables & Rice

Baby Greens with Citrus Vinaigrette

Café DuMonde Beignets (made to order!)



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