Dropping Off The Boys

This week I emptied my nest of my two boys and deposited them in their own respective “nests” at St. Louis University.  Delaney is a Junior and Devin is an incoming Freshman and both boys’ college living arrangements couldn’t be any different.  I helped Delaney set up his apartment. Here’s a kid who has been assisting our Exec. Chef all summer so he took a full line of spices and has an awesome pantry, right down to a rice cooker.  My work is done with him … at least in the cooking department.  I walk around with a feather in my cap over this one.

Now Devin is a different story.  Here’s my question…how can someone who owns a culinary arts center and who has cooked almost every day of her life for her kids, have a son who has a 4-dish repertoire?  In his defense, he DOES eat healthy.  That baseball scholarship he’s on didn’t come from eating Twinkies and drinking soda pop.  However, when my son told me that “the dorm food is pretty good” it stung a little.  I guess my work with him ISN’T done … at least in the cooking department.  Oh well…let’s see what happens in the next few weeks when that dorm food gets a little old.  Maybe he’ll long for his Mom’s cooking.  I can only hope.  🙂


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