We’ve Got People Talking

by Rachel Ciordas, Manager of Culinary Curriculum

Wow did we have people talking this weekend!

It all started on Friday night with an amazing concert by Suzy Boggus.  The whole place was abuzz with excitement about this great singer along with moans of happiness about the plentiful buffet! I was lucky enough to be here for the event, and what an event it was!   It seemed like it passed by in a second, that’s when you know you’re having fun!

I must admit I rested on Saturday and missed catching the chatter from several awesome classes but I was back on my game Sunday morning helping the Educator of Que and the BBQ Dude with a great new class “Full Meal Grilling.” (Part of the Midwest BBQ Institute)  Now, when I say helping I mean that I got to learn fantastic BBQ secrets from an award winning competitive BBQ team. (I work here? Oh pinch me!)

Let me tell you there’s a lot to learn, for instance, did you know that you can make a berry crumble on your grill…without a pan? It’s true.  We did it. It was smoky, juicy, and would definitely impress my friends! That one technique alone was worth coming to class.!

There were also lots of tips that students picked up about basic grill safety.  I loved the comment from a woman who had just learned that you shouldn’t spray nonstick spray onto a lit grill, but onto the meat itself before you put it on the grill.  She said,

“Oh!!! That’s how I burned my eyebrows off!!”

Don’t be the “eyebrow-challended griller” folks.  We can help.



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