Barbecue, BBQ, Barbeque

Visit our new website at!Our world at The Culinary Center of Kansas City™ is full of BBQ, however you want to spell it or whichever  part of speech you wish to use….noun, verb, adjective…we love ‘em all.  There are two generally accepted definitions for this word. First of all Barbecue is a food dish consisting of a whole (or good part) of an animal (usually pig) slow cooked over a smoldering fire for a long period of time. Barbecue is also an event of gathering in which people come together to celebrate and eat Barbecue (first definition).

These are basically the definitions you’ll find in most any dictionary. However, today barbecue is a process of preparing food that requires smoke, low temperatures and long periods of time. The meats typically chosen for barbecue include, but are not limited to pork shoulder, brisket, ribs, mutton roasts, whole hogs and other beef and pork roasts. Barbecue is also the event or meal in which this food is served.

Also people refer to barbecue grills when they mean gas grills; and  people say they’ll be serving hamburgers and hot dogs at their barbecue.  Barbecue is a gathering, a meal, a sharing of time, food and companionship. Barbecue brings people together and makes them happy. Barbecue is about good times, friends and sometimes, it’s about the food.

“Teambuilding Buzz”

from our Manager of Merriment, Maria Dickson

So I’m coming at you directly on this one!  I’m Maria Dickson, the “Manager of Merriment” here at The CCKC.  Yes, the title is a bit silly, but completely consistent with what I do, nonetheless.  After many years of planning weddings as an independent planner, I have to say planning corporate teambuildings is WAY more fun.  Why?  Because I get to help bring people into a space that (gently) forces them out of the box and takes them out of their element for the day.  Watching a straight-laced accounting team break into song at the end of their culinary teambuilding can do nothing but bring a smile to your face.  What’s even better is convincing the typically stiff VP, for instance, to bring his/her team here in the first place, only to hear them say “Wow, my staff is STILL talking about that event and it’s been over a year!  We definitely want to come back.  What can we do this time around?”  So seriously, though you may laugh a bit at my title, keep in mind that it wasn’t thrown on my business card on a whim.  The proof is in the pudding!


Visit our new website at!Quinoa (KEEN-wah) Although quinoa is new to the American market, it was a staple of the ancient Incas, who called it “the mother grain.” To this day it’s an important food in South American cuisine. Hailed as the “supergrain of the future ,” quinoa contains more protein than any other grain. It’s considered a complete protein because it contains all eight essential amino acids. Quinoa is also higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most grains, and it provides a rich and balanced source of vital nutrients. Tiny and bead-shaped , the ivory-colored quinoa cooks like rice(taking half the time of regular rice) and expands to four times its original volume. Its flavor is delicate, almost bland, and has been compared to that of couscous. Quinoa is lighter than but can be used in any way suitable for rice-as part of a main dish, a side dish, in soups, in salads and even in puddings. It’s available packaged as a grain, ground into flour and in several forms of pasta. Quinoa can be found in most health-food stores and some supermarkets.

Food Lover’s Companion (available in CCKC kitchenology)

Culinary Definition

Visit our new website at!julienne

Foods that have been cut into thin, matchstick strips. The food (such as a potato) is first cut into 1/8-inch-thick slices. The slices are stacked, then cut into 1/s-inch-thick strips. The strips may then be cut into whatever length is desired. If the object is round, cut a thin slice from the bottom so it will sit firmly and not roll on the work surface. Juliennne is most often used as a garnish

food lovers companion-a must for every kitchen. Carried by CCKC kitchenology