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    • Hi Leah!
      Thanks for asking! Lots of times we have a pretty gluten free menu, but this time it’s just the salad and veggies. Please call us any time you have a question about allergen information, we’re happy to help!

  1. Please tell me where the line starts, in the front of the store, or the back entrance? I would like to bring my new daughter-in-law and I know she will have a wonderful lunch. As a new bride, she will get many new ideas and helpful ways to cook for her new husband. Sincerely, Bobbi Jackson

  2. Independence Young Matrons are looking forward to our visit to the Institute tomorrow complete with lunch. The menu sounds wonderful!

  3. Hi,

    We really enjoy going to eat at your place on Tuesdays. Its a great meal and we can try new things. :-)

    Each week the menu being updated gives a surprise to look forward to, but it would be nice if you could add back the “date” to the menu so its easier to tell what week it is for.

    Thanks very much! and keep up the yummy food!

    • Hi Nan, We always announce the menu here the day before, we’ve been known to have vegetarian meals on occasion and very often have something easily modified to be so, but we never know until the Chef announces the menu the Monday before, so check back!! Thanks.

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    • So sorry for the delay, been having issues with our blog of late. Our weather policy is that if our staff can safely get to the Center, we host our event or class. Hope to see you soon, we now host our Staff Lunch EVERY Tuesday!

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