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White wine in Winter?  Why not?!?!

Clearly KC is in the full throes of winter and folks tend to turn to red as their choice of vino when the chill is in the air. This behavior is fully understandable; however I do not think that you should let weather dictate your palate. Recently some friends and I got together to enjoy a handcrafted meal and several bottles of wine. One of the wines in particular was a dessert wine made by Mer Soleil called Mer Soleil Late Harvest. The wine was positively delicious, aesthetically it provided a deep golden color, and the smell was that of caramel and flowers and bold flavors of golden raisins and honey. The finish lingered on the tongue and the mouth feel was rich and creamy. I would certainly recommend this wine for a decadent finish to your meal and I encourage you not to let the cold navigate you away from blushes or white wines.  Enjoy!

White Sangria

White Sangria Recipe

From our Wine Guy, Leo: For a nice light lunch on a lazy afternoon, try a fresh green salad w/ fruits and a mild cheese (such as goat cheese.)  To round out this experience I recommend a citrus-y pinot grigio (or pinot gris, same thing) or perhaps a sauvignon blanc.  Here’s to lazy summer days!


Our own Leo Dickson has some ideas about wine & BBQ

From our adorable, resident wine guy…..”It’s BBQ season, the weather is motivating people to get out and grill.  If you plan to enjoy some saucy, KC BBQ, I’d recommend a big and rich syrah or a nice and jammy red zin.  These particular varietals will stand up to most KC BBQ.”

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